The Everlasting Gaze


On the ways of your desire 
You always find a way 
And thru it all into us all you move 
Forgotten touch 
Forbidden thought 
We can never have enough 
You know I'm not dead 

We all want to hold in the everlasting gaze 
Enchanted in the rapture of his sentimental sway 
But underneath the wheels lie the skulls of every c.o.g. 
The fickle fascination of an everlasting god 
You know I'm not dead 

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Top : Ricielli - Lexi Minitop -Super League @Love Mommy Hunt
Skirt : Blueberry - Britan 
Skin : Glam Affair - Catwa Applier - Clara @The Gacha Garden
Hair : +elua+ Hollis1
Pose : The Path  by Ramsa Luv - 1

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