Hold Back The Day


Miles to go and
Sky's to fly
Hold back the day
Miles to go and
Sky's to fly
It's darkest before the Dawn

Claw hard now
From your casket
Six feet and getting deeper
Should the top, soil feel Heavy
It must be getting weaker
Towers people build, up in life
Become frail & fall to the ground
Fuck them
There opinion
The Honest Man!!!!!!!!

Always, always, darkest before the dawn....

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Mesh Head : ..::SAMURAI::.. Eito Exclusive E01 @L'Homme May 2016
Hair : *Dura-Boy*56 
Jacket : PRISM for MEN Arnold Jackets V.5  @Sir Monthly
Pose : .Swirl Poses. -  Dude Pack  @Sir Monthly

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