... As the Skies are Bruised


"Click for more quality"

"Click for more quality"

Dress : **RealEvil Industries** Irina Dress @n21 Event
Hair : eXxEsS - Chocolat
Skin : Amara Beauty - Foxy
Mesh Head : CATWA HEAD Tumble
Mesh Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes - Fjord


My little girl
Where are you?
My fucked up world
Destroyed you
Day after day
Day after day
I get it now
I just go on without you
Twisted inside
Six miles high
I rehearse how to
Say goodbye to you

As my skin turns yellow
I forget this hell
As the skies are bruised
And the rain comes down
As my face turns pale
Try to deal with these thoughts
At the end of it all
I still miss you

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