Evasion of Reality


Your life is not a dream
The fading lights unforeseen
Find the Time to Comprehend
One less Prelude to the End

Reaching out for the Unknown
Across the Darkness of your Soul
Vanishing Space and Time
Of all the Memories of your Mind

Live for Today
Or Fade Away
Live for Today
Or Fade Away

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>Necklace<  MINIMAL - Babel Necklace Unisex @MOM
>Jacket< {COLD-ASH} Mens MESH JONES Jacket w.Shirt (Black) @TMD
>Mesh Head<  [AK] Ray Mesh Head Vers. 1.5 
>Mesh Body<  ADAM - boxed V1.3 
>Mesh Eyes< IKON Odyssey Eyes - Storm
>Hair< *Dura-Boy*55
>Pose<  Poseology - Evasion @Pose Fair 2016

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