Things aren't as pretty


I'm becoming less defined as days go by
Fading away
And well you might say
I'm losing focus
Kinda drifting into the abstract in terms of how I see myself

Less concerned about fitting into the world
Your world that is
Cause it doesn't really matter anymore
(no it doesn't really matter anymore)
No it doesn't really matter anymore
None of this really matters anymore

Yes I am alone but then again I always was
As far back as I can tell
I think maybe it's because
Because you were never really real to begin with
I just made you up to hurt myself

Well the tiniest little dot caught my eye and it turned out to be a scab 
And I had this funny feeling like I just knew it's something bad
I just couldn't leave it alone, I kept picking at the scab
It was a doorway trying to seal itself shut
But I climbed through

Now I am somewhere I am not supposed to be, and I can see things I know I really shouldn't see
And now I know why, now, now, now I know why 
Things aren't as pretty
On the inside

"Click for more quality"

"Click for more quality"

>Dress<  .:EC:. Charice w.Hud (Maitreya/Tmp) 
>Shoes<  Essenz - Riga (Maitreya/Slinks) @On9
>Gloves<  **RealEvil Industries** Bow Leather Gloves w.Hud @Shiny Shabby (Start 20th January)
>Hair<  Exile:: Out of the Woods 
>Mesh Head<  Genesis Lab -Nelly @Kustom9
>Mesh Body< Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara 
>Shape<  [S.V.S] Jenner Shape for Mesh & Classic Bodies 
>Mesh Eyes< IKON Triumph Eyes - Apex
>Tattoo< .:EC:. Garter Tattoo (Omega/Tmp)
>Pants< GAS Mens MESH Chino Pants Madrid w. Hud
>Necklace< MINIMAL - Indi Necklace Silver Unisex 
>Bracelets< MINIMAL - Lacross Bracelet Silver Unisex 
>Earrings&Ring Nose< MINIMAL - Dragon Earring Silver Unisex @TMD
>Hair<  *~*Damselfly*~*  Hitch
>Mesh Head< ..::SAMURAI::.. Kyle Mesh Head 1.0 Darker V2
>Mesh Body< Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body 
>Mesh Eyes<  IKON Odyssey Eyes - Storm

>Pose<  {pose maniacs} 67

Location Pics : My Family Home , No TP Sorry :P

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