The Negative One


Fire and caffeine - a lot of nicotine
I'm going to burn so I better tell you everything
The competition - the superstition
Never mind 'cause you're never going to give in
It's a crisis, just how you like it
The same drama in a different disguise
I'm bound to walk with a target on my back
At least I'm ready for another attack
I hope you live
To see the day
When your world goes up in flames
And as you die
You see my face
You're the only one to blame

"Click for more quality"

>Mesh Head (Male)< ..::SAMURAI::.. Christmas Event Group Gift 2015
>Hair (Male)< *Dura-Boys&Girls*55 
>Mesh Eyes< AVELINE  Eyes - Natural - Hazel -Nesh Eyes-Free-

>Mesh Body<  Slink -  Physique Male Mesh Body
>Shape<  [S.V.S]  Custom Work (for more info, Shiloex or Kira Balestra)

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