"Cold the Blood of an Angel, cold the Blood of the Sky
Everything is Fated, the Gods to me won't lie
Die cursing the Shadows, die cursing the Light
Everything is wasted, except the Will to Fight"

>Outfits<  **Luas** Olympus (Complet outfit) @The Fantasy Gacha Carnival (6th Nov.-6th Dic.)
>Hair 1<  ::Exile:: Windsong 
>Hair 2<  ::Exile:: Memory Bliss 
>Mesh Head 1<  Genesis Lab - Head Emily 2.0 Emotions
>Mesh Head 2<  Genesis Lab - Head Alice 2.0 Sad
>Mesh Bodies<  Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara V3.4
>Shapes<  [S.V.S] Jenner Shape

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