Those Infinite Eyes


>Dress<  .:Ducknipple:.  Sakka Dress w. Hud 
>Shoes<  .:Ducknipple:.  Kindly Heels w. Hud for Slink High 
>Skin<  IHQS ~ Jesse Milk Chocolate Skin w. huds for Bodies Mesh, Bobbies, Bootties and Slinks
>Shape<  [S.v.S]  Sascha Shape 
>Hair<  Truth Hair ~ Zoella Hair Mesh 
>Necklace<  Baubles!  Saturn Fell Necklace w. Menu  @Totally Top Shelf 

>Sweater & Scarf<  .:Legal Insanity:.  Grunge Sweater 69 
>Pants<  .:Legal Insanity:.  MOH Sweat Pants 69  @Men Only Hunt 
>Hair<  *Dura*  The 2nd Year Anniversary Hair (Old Gift) 

>Couple Poses<  
Infinity ~ Those Eyes 
>Furniture & Decor< 
Serenity Style ~ London Gatcha  @Leaf on the Wind  (start this 10th on January)
Serenity Style ~ Nordic Fireplace @Domus Fair Winter  
Serenity Style ~ Nordic Armchair and Table  @Domus Fair Winter

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